Mediterranean Championships Sprint

Posted on | February 22, 2014 | Category: Arena

The third edition of the Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering continued yesterday in Aguiar da Beira. In the Sprint course, the Spanish fury was well present, with the “bomb kids”, Andreu Blanes and Antonio Martinez, who took the top two positions. The event was also a World Ranking Event. In the WRE women’s elite class,  Galina Vinogradova was the winner.

After two stages, Spain leads the COMOF Cup with eight points ahead of Portugal in second position.

The Sprint WRE was held in the “hilly” city of Aguiar da Beira. A map with not too much to “squeeze”, but it was possible to set courses with technical challenge as well as being physically demanding, making the most of the peculiarities of the terrain. Practically every big name was  present in the morning.

In the Men Super Elite class, Andreu Blanes repeated the result of Castelo de Vide, at the end of  January, taking one more victory in a Sprint course counting for the IOF’s World Sprint Ranking. At the end of the 16:44 of his race, the athlete was overjoyed: “It feels great. The race was really fun, I ran pretty well, very fluent, despite some doubts as to the route choices to a couple of controls. But I believe that I did take the right choices.” Talking a little bit about the race, Andreu said that “the major difficulties were in part of the castle, with some walls and where it was necessary to maintain very high levels of concentration all the time to make the best choices.” With a course of superior quality, Antonio Martinez was second – at the spectators control he was in the lead, two seconds ahead of Andreu Blanes – only seven seconds more than his compatriot. Thierry Gueorgiou got the third position, 11 seconds behind the winner.

The three best men. Photo: Joaquim Margarido

Spain extends the lead to eight points

The Russian Galina Vinogradova wanted to show why she is one of the leading experts in Sprint, winning with a time 16:27. Her compatriot, Svetlana Mironova was second, 25 seconds behind the lead, while the third place went to Swiss Elena Roos, with over 28 seconds to the winner. In the end, Galina Vinogradova mentioned: “Technically, the Sprint was very easy, especially in the part corresponding to the second map. The hilly part was more demanding and I ran really slowly, because it was necessary to understand the small details of the map.” The final words: “I got the victory in the second part of the course. Passing through the spectators control, I heard that I was nine seconds away from the first position and I ran very fast. I’m very happy with my result.”

Regarding the COMOF Cup, Spain was the best in this stage by getting three individual victories in the Sprint race, against only one of Portugal. The Portuguese were unable to take advantage of Eduardo Gil’s mis-matches, disqualified in H20 class, with André Esteves doing the same. Portugal has now 45 points, seven more than Spain, now accounting for a total of 85 points against 77 points of the leader. At distant 51 points off the lead, Italy is in the third position, followed by Serbia, Turkey and Israel.

 Results, World Ranking Event

Men Super Elite

1. Andreu Blanes (Team Espanha) 16:44

2. Antonio Martinez (Individual) 16:51 (+0:07)

3. Thierry Gueorgiou (Kalevan Rasti) 16:55 (+0:11)

4. Jonas Vytautas Gvildys (IGTISA) 17:08 (+0:24)

5. Jan Prochazka (Kalevan Rasti) 17:17 (+0:33)

6. William Lind (MOKS) 17:18 (+0:34)

7. Douglas Tullie (TuMe) 17:41 (+0:57)

8. Bjørn Ekeberg (IL Tyrving) 17:42 (+0:58)

9. Gaute Hallan Steiwer (Lillomarka OL) 17:46 (+1:02)

10. Helmut Gremmel (Lillomarka OL) 17:47 (+1:03)


Women Elite

1. Galina Vinogradova (Individual) 16:27

2. Svetlana Mironova (Individual) 16:52 (+0:25)

3. Elena Roos (Halden SK) 16:55 (+0:28)

4. Simone Niggli (OK Tisaren) 16:58 (+0:31)

5. Hanna Raitanen (Rajamäen Rykment) 16:59 (+0:32)

6. Yulia Novikova (CSP Novgorod) 17:11 (+0:44)

7. Isia Basset (JOG) 17:25 (+0:58)

8. Kine Hallan Steiwer (Halden SK) 17:30 (+1:03)

9. Anna Närhi (IFK Göteborg) 17:34 (+1:07)

10. Lea Vercellotti (Halden SK) 17:41 (+1:14)


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Joaquim Margarido

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