Matthias Kyburz: “I didn’t think I could achieve this again”

Posted on | October 16, 2016 | Category: News

Photo: Erik Borg

In 2012, Matthias Kyburz achieved something he said he could never repeat. Now he has done it again! But there is also more to go for: the Swiss star still has one missing result.

It ended a bit as expected in the World Cup Final: Kyburz won the World Cup overall by a comfortable margin. It was the 26-year-old athlete’s third overall triumph.

“Incredible to have done it again. When I won gold at both the European Championships and World Championships in 2012 and also the World Cup overall, I thought that was once in a life time. Now I have done it again. It’s fantastic,” Matthias Kyburz smiles.

Also in 2013 he won overall. Since then, his team-mate Daniel Hubmann has taken the overall victories. This year Hubmann had the chance to catch Matthias in the last two races, but Daniel injured himself during the second-last race. He got a stick in the inside of his thigh and had to stop his race, and was taken to hospital, but it was not dangerous in any way. So before the last race Kyburz had already won overall.

Hubmann showed up at the prize-giving today and got the prize for second place overall.

Reached the goal

The smiling gentleman in the top position has had an incredible year. His first international triumph was at the Sprint in the World Cup start in Poland. In the last part of May he got gold in the first individual race at the European Championships in the Czech Republic. He was of course satisfied, but he said the biggest goal for the championships was anything else than a sprint victory. He wanted to win a medal in the forest. On the Long there was no medal for Matthias, but on the Middle he ran an incredible race and won it. At WOC in Sweden the Middle triumph was repeated. After the race, he said that there is not very much that can be bigger for a Swiss orienteer than winning a technically challenging forest race in Nordic terrain.

“My best year ever? Well I think so,” he smiles.

Last year Matthias was in the team that won the forest relay at WOC in Scotland. The Sprint Relay was won in Italy two years ago.

Still more to get

– You’ve got everything now?

“No,” he smiles. “I am missing a medal on the Long Distance at both European Championships and World Championships. These medals are the main goal now.”

Among the men there is no-one that has gold in all five formats. Thierry Gueorgiou and Daniel Hubmann have all expect the Sprint Relay. Kyburz is missing only the Long. Next year he has the chance to be the first ever, whether in orienteering or ski orienteering, to achieve gold in all five formats. It has to be said that the Sprint Relay was organised for the first time only in 2014, so there haven’t been many chances to get that one. Simone Niggli, who won all the gold medals at three WOC’s, didn’t have any chance to get a Sprint Relay gold before she stopped.

WOC not the biggest goal

The 26-year-old athlete has his biggest goal coming up in two years’ time. Of course there is a WOC also next year, but in 2018 there is something extra coming up. “The European Championships on home ground is what I am looking forward most to,” he smiles.

He has a two-year horizon in his eyes, and he has no plans for stopping after that. “But I will take things year by year.”

Upcoming club change

In 2019 WOC will be back in Nordic terrain. Norway will be hosting WOC in the district of Østfold, just some tens of kilometres north of Strömstad in Sweden where it was this year. Now the Swiss star is also joining a Norwegian Club. He and also his brother Andreas Kyburz are on the way into the clothes of Tyrving, a club situated in the municipality of Bærum, just on the western border of the capital Oslo.

– You’re also on the way to live in Norway?

“Oh, no,” he smiles. “I will still live in Switzerland. I will join Tyrving on training camps and races.” The club has in recent years been among the ten – fifteen best on the big relays Tiomila and Jukola. With two brothers Kyburz in the team, there is a real chance for better placings.

Change in daily life

Sport at high level is still combined with studies. “I’m studying biology.” How much does he study? “It varies. Sport comes first at the moment.”

The big change in daily life is that he and Sarina Jenzer, one of the best women in the Swiss team, have moved together in the same flat. “We moved together after WOC, and it was the right time for it. We have been together since 2008,” he smiles.

Felt tiredness

In the second last race in this year’s World Cup, the Long Distance in Aarau, it started very well. After a while he made some small mistakes. “I also became tired, but I managed to go on well.” In the end he was the winner again.

On the Sprint, the final race, he came second after Jonas Leandersson. “I’m very satisfied also with the second place. I had a very good race. Jonas was just better.”


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