Helena Jansson: “I didn’t really expect to win!”

Posted on | April 30, 2016 | Category: Arena, News

After the first World Cup race in Poland today, Helena Jansson didn’t feel that her race would be a golden one. And when Olav Lundanes finished, his result was the last thing on his mind.

Today’s Middle Distance race, the start of the World Cup season, was extremely challenging. There wasn’t much detail in the terrain, and there was a lot of green forest so visibility was often poor.

“I used the main contours and also ran a lot on compass”, says Olav Lundanes. He won the men’s class by almost one minute, but when he finished he was mostly thinking about his body.

“I fell just at the end of the course and I hit one of my knees. I hope it’s not damaged”, he says.

When he washed it, he found it was mostly mud around his knee. “I’m OK!”, he said.

Olav Lundanes mm 30-4-16

Men’s podium: Albin Ridefelt SWE, Carl Godager Kaas NOR, Olav Lundanes NOR

Photo: Erik Borg

In the women’s class there was just two seconds between the two best. “I made some mistakes today. I didn’t expect this to be a winning race”, Helena Jansson says.

Her team-mate Tove Alexandersson was in second position. Also for her there had been some mistakes. “I am satisfied. I have struggled a bit with injury for a month or so, but now I am not injured”, she says.

Helena Jansson fffff 30-4-16

Women’s podium: Tove Alexandersson SWE, Helena Jansson SWE, Svetlana Mironova RUS

Photo: Erik Borg

Norwegian Carl Godager Kaas took second place. “This year it has been a goal to be in better shape early in the season”, he says. Third place in the men’s class was taken by Albin Ridefelt, Sweden. “This is my best ever. I am very satisfied”, he says.

Today’s race was organised in Sobotka, about 40 kilometres outside Wroclaw. For the women it was a course of 5.3 kilometres with 22 controls. The men had to find 26 controls on their 6.5 kilometre course.

Around Wroclaw it is very flat, but the first race in the World Cup this year was staged on the biggest hill in the region. The World Cup continues with two sprints, first individual and then relay, and here the terrain will be very flat. On Sunday the race is in central Wroclaw – also called ‘Little Venice’ due to all the bridges. There are 117 of them in all!

Leading Results (official), Middle Distance

Note: Some of the on-line results times have been adjusted.


  1. Helena Jansson SWE 38:31
  2. Tove Alexandersson SWE 38:33
  3. Svetlana Mironova RUS 39:59
  4. Merja Rantanen FIN 40:09
  5. Venla Harju FIN 40:14
  6. Maja Alm DEN 40:22


  1. Olav Lundanes NOR 35:19
  2. Carl Godager Kaas NOR 36:28
  3. Albin Ridefelt SWE 36:33
  4. Johan Runesson SWE 36:40
  5. Gustav Bergman SWE 36:48
  6. Magne Dæhli NOR 37:21
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