General Assembly Summary

Posted on | September 1, 2016 | Category: Newsletter

It has been called the longest General Assembly ever. But what happened during the more than eight-hour long meeting? Here is a short summary of the key decisions taken by the General Assembly.

  • Memberships:
Provisional members which became members:
FYR Macedonia
Expulsion of provisional members:
Puerto Rico

Expulsion of Member:

  • Code of Ethics and  Ethics Panel: The Council Proposal to institute an IOF Code of Ethics and Ethics Panel was unanimously approved.
  • Competition programme: the proposed programme was approved with the amendment that the middle distance final competition at WMOC would be added already from the 2018 WMOC in Denmark. You can read the full proposal in the Congress Binder (from page 72).
  • IOF Statutes amendments:
    • The proposal authorising Council to appoint all organisers of World Championships in all disciplines carried.
    • The proposed amendment that at least one person of each gender be represented among the Vice Presidents of the IOF was not carried.
    • The proposed amendment allowing a candidate who loses an election for President or Vice President to contest the election for a Council position, as Vice President or Member, at the same General Assembly carried.
    • The proposed amendment to change the voting majority required for Statutes changes from three-quarters of votes expressed to two-thirds of votes expressed was not carried.
  • Member Proposals:
    • RUS proposals:
      • The amended proposal that invoices should always be made in only IOF official language, without the requirement for only EUR or USD as the currency, carried.
      • The proposal to list all possible competition formats in the IOF rules of all disciplines was not carried.
      • The proposal to Make WRE competitions a first and obligatory of WOC in all disciplines was not carried.
    • SWE Proposal:
      • The amended proposal, i.e. that winning times for men and women should be equal, but that the actual time should be determined by the discipline commission and Council, was not carried.
  • Activity Plan: The General Assembly unanimously adopted the Activity Plan 2016–2018
  • Appointment of organisers of senior World Championships:
    • WOC 2020: The General Assembly appointed DEN organiser of the 2020 Sprint World Orienteering Championships.
    • MTBOC 2019: The General Assembly appointed DEN organiser of the 2019 MTB Orienteering Championships.
    • WSOC 2019: Following the lack of applications to organise the 2019 World Ski Orienteering Championships, the General Assembly gave the IOF Council authority to appoint the organiser.
    • WTOC 2020: The General Assembly appointed HKG organiser of the 2020 World Trail Orienteering Championships.
  • Council Elections: The General Assembly elected the IOF Council as follows
    • President: Leho Haldna EST
    • Vice Presidents: Michael Dowling AUS, Mikko Salonen FIN, Astrid Waaler Kaas NOR
    • Council Members: Ting Wang ‘Dominic’ Yue HKG, Owe Fredholm SWE, Vincent Frey FRA, Tatiana Kalenderoglu TUR, Niklaus Suter SUI,  Maria Silvia Viti ITA, Laszlo Zentai HUN
  • Awards of Honour: President Leho Haldna awarded the following Pins of Honour
    • Bronze Pins: Göran Andersson (SWE, no. 96), Jörgen Mårtensson (SWE, no. 97), Owe Fredholm (SWE, no. 98), Blair Trewin (AUS, no. 99), Ursula Häusermann (SUI, no. 100) and Sandor Talas (HUN, no. 101)
    • Silver Pin: Øivind Holt (NOR, no. 54)
    • Gold Pin: Brian Porteous (GBR, no. 9)
    • Leho Haldna proposed to the General Assembly that Brian Porteous be appointed Honorary President of the IOF. The General Assembly approved the proposal by acclamation.
  • Anti Doping Resolution: The members of the International Orienteering Federation resolved to
    • In accordance with the World Anti-doping code, condemn any forms of doping in sport whether they be state-sponsored, individually, entourage or otherwise initiated.
    • Uphold the values of fair-play and a sport clean of doping, illegal betting and rules violations.
    • Adhere to the IOF Code of Ethics and embrace the good governance of our sport.
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