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Posted on | October 4, 2016 | Category: News, Newsletter

New Zealand is the place to be in April 2017 if you are above the age of 35. The Oceania Orienteering Championships, World Masters Orienteering Championships and the World Masters Games take place within two weeks around Auckland.

Competing is fun regardless of age. In April 2017, Auckland, New Zealand gives the opportunity to participate in a large number of competitions against people from all over the world for more than two weeks. Planning a several-week trip can sometimes be confusing but do not fear. The IOF has made a 17 days schedule with 13 of the days containing an orienteering event as seen in the bottom.

Most prominent are the World Masters Orienteering Championships (WMOC) from 23-29 April 2017. Since the WMOC took place in New Zealand back in 2000, the Sprint has been added to the program, so it now contains of Sprint and Long. The Sprint qualifications and finals take place in the centre of Auckland while the two Long qualifications and the final will be in coastal terrain outside the city.

The WMOC are a part of the world’s largest multi-sport event, World Masters Games. 25.000 athletes from 100 countries plan to compete in one of the 28 sports that are part of the games. Sailing, shooting and softball are some of the sports together with orienteering included in the event. As orienteer, the WMOC of course are the most interesting, but the programme leaves space to compete in some other disciplines as shown in the bottom. Most relevant as orienteer could for instance be the World Masters Games in half marathon, athletics or cross-country.  Check out all the 28 sports which make up the World Masters Games.


Time for sightseeing

One week before the WMOC, another big orienteering event takes place around Auckland. From 14-17 April 2017, the Oceania Orienteering Championships (OOC) will be held. For Oceanians it is the biannual regional championships in both elite and non-elite classes. For people from overseas, the events are a perfect preparation towards the World Masters Orienteering Championships (WMOC). The venues in OOC are similar to those in the WMOC so it is a good option for tuning in on New Zealand terrain. If you enter the Oceania Championships before September 30, you will even get an Early-Bird offer and save 13% off the standard entry price.

The five days in between OOC and WMOC can be spent on preparing even more for WMOC, with three of the days offering open orienteering events. Though make sure not to miss the chance to get around the lovely country of New Zealand for some sightseeing. Auckland offers different cultural activities, and a wide range of Nature are worth going on a trip to experience. The World Master Games’ webpage has gathered the most recommended places to visit while you are in Auckland and New Zealand here.

With 25.000 people participating in the World Master Games, it goes without saying that a lot of people will be searching for accommodation in the period. Therefore, enter as many of the orienteering events you are up to and start planning your trip already now!

The World Masters Orienteering Championships webpage.

The Oceania Orienteering Championships webpage.

The World Masters Games webpage.

Here is the IOF’s proposal on how you could spend your time in New Zealand from 14-30 April 2017:

Date (April 2017) What Orienteering?
Fri 14 Oceania Sprint Champs Yes
Sat 15 Oceania Long Champs Yes
Sun 16 Oceania Relay Champs Yes
Mon 17 Oceania Middle Champs Yes
Tue 18 Sightseeing No
Wed 19 Middle distance event Yes
Thu 20 Sprint distance event Yes
Fri 21 World Masters Games Opening ceremony No
Sat 22 Sprint Model event

World Masters Games 10k and halfmarathon



Sun 23 WMOC Sprint qualifications Yes
Mon 24 WMOC Sprint finals Yes
Tue 25 WMOC Long model event Yes
Wed 26 WMOC Long qualifications 1 Yes
Thu 27 WMOC Long qualifications 2 Yes
Fri 28 World Masters Games Track and Field competitions No
Sat 29 WMOC Long finals Yes
Sun 30 World Masters Games Cross Country

World Masters Games Closing ceremony



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