Davide Machado represents a bright future for Iberian MTBO

Posted on | September 19, 2016 | Category: News

Portugal has been an active MTBO nation for a while. However, the Iberian country had never before made it to the medals in a World MTBO Championships (WMTBOC). This summer Davide Machado changed that, and added a milestone in Portuguese MTBO.

In an interview from the spring, Davide Machado reflected on the upcoming world championships:

— Time has shown me that everything can change from one moment to another. I will give my best and I will ride searching for a dream!, Davide Machado said.

At the Long distance, Davide Machado fulfilled some of the dream and finally took a step up after years of positions

just outside the medals by winning a bronze medal in the Long distance at WMTBOC. It has not led to any changes in financial support but it has increased the motivation for MTBO:

– I have tried to reach a medal for many years so it was good finally to succeed. I do not think it will bring any new support in form of material or financial support. However, it adds something to my motivation to do more and do better, Davide Machado says.


The harder the better

Davide Machado

Nationality: Portuguese

Birthday: February 19, 1988.

Merits at WMTBOC:
2010: Long 7.
2011: Long 5., Sprint 6.
2012: Long 5.
2016: Long 3.

Best overall World Cup: 12. position in 2012

The way to the medal required hard and focused training but having a full time job, you need structure in the daily life:

– MTBO cannot be a profession so I have a normal job. It results in having my trainings before or after work so most of my training is between 6–9.30h and 20–23h!, Davide Machado says.

The physical training is important to Davide Machado, who does a lot of riding on road and mountain bikes. His strength is the physical part, so the more physically demanding a competition is, the better. His results at WMTBOC also show the Long distance to be his favourite. Besides MTBO, he competes in Marathon and MTB Cross-country, where physical training is a key. It all results in less focus on the technical aspect:

– I mainly focus on the technical skills when on camps with the Portuguese national MTBO team. I am fully aware that more technical training would raise the chance of good results in MTBO, but it is not possible at the moment, Davide Machado says.


The right direction for MTBO on the Iberia Peninsula

MTBO on the Iberia Peninsula is starting to flourish. The area has had MTBO activity for a while especially in Portugal, which has organized two World Championships in 2010 and 2016. Now the bikers from the area are starting to perform at highest level. Davide Machado is the best example. Others include Angel Garcia Garcia from Spain who was fifth in the Sprint at WMTBOC this year, and the Spaniard Monica Aguilera Viladomiu who won the women’s unofficial mass start event.

Davide Machado at the WMTBOC Sprint. Photo: Joaquim Margarido

Portugal has a strong MTBO organization and good athletes but in recent years the number of participants has fluctuated:

— We have good athletes, good land, good maps and good organizations. During recent years we have faced a decrease in the number of athletes participating in national competitions. Last year it was slightly better with the quantity of participants so I will say the conditions for MTBO in Portugal in general are good, Davide Machado says.


Home ground was no help

His first world championship medal came on home ground and the question is if he can follow up that result outside Portugal. The next test is this year’s final World Cup round in Lithuania:

– I will continue to work hard so I can follow up my result from WMTBOC. I can do that in Lithuania as well as anywhere else! I did not see the home factor as an advantage or a way to get the good result more easily. On the contrary, it added a level of responsibility to perform and I felt a higher pressure, Davide Machado says.

Davide Machado is currently in 12th position in the overall World Cup but with three counting events in the last World Cup round, much can change. The final round of the MTBO World Cup will be decided on September 30 – October 2 in Lithuania.


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