Cæcilie is ready for WMTBOC

Posted on | June 30, 2016 | Category: Newsletter

After a good number of promising results in the younger classes, Cæcilie Christoffersen moved up to the senior Elite group in 2012. Since then she has become one of the strongest prospects in the MTB orienteering world. Representing the new generation of athletes in this challenging and demanding discipline, the Dane displays her motivation to embrace the season with determination and ambition.

IMG_0021“Born on the 1st of January 1992, studying Human Physiology with side-subject Mathematics, interested in all kind of sports, creative and outgoing”; such is, in brief, Cæcilie Christoffersen’s ID. To complete it, she adds her own motto: “A day without training is a day without meaning”.

The first time Cæcilie tried orienteering was at the age of 8. “My mother was tired of running in the narrow streets, and tried Orienteering. And almost without realising it, we were also regularly going Orienteering”, she remembers. Cæcilie was part of the Danish FootO Team until she was 20 and then she encountered MTBO: “I started MTBO at my boarding school and that opened my eyes to a new sport. I was having some problems with my ankle, and then it got so bad that I couldn’t run, and I decided to bike instead.” So the bike won! Since that moment, she has been training most days on her bike.

A promising start to the season
IMG_0935At the beginning of her biking career, Cæcilie was wondering how it could actually be more fun than running a really technical course. In her mind, it seemed too easy to ride on the tracks … But she then began to learn the fun part about riding and controlling the bike under her body, so that now she has no doubts: “The special thing about MTBO is the combination of map and bike. You have to have full control over the bike, and besides that you have to use your brain and make decisions. I think that’s what is most special about our sport”, she says.

We saw Cæcilie performing quite well in France last May, achieving 7th place in the Long Distance and 8th place in the Middle, her best results ever in the World Cup so far. But she didn’t expect such achievements. In fact, she really didn’t know what to expect in France. “I knew I was in good shape, but still I hadn’t expected these results”, she confesses, adding that “in the Long I didn’t make any mistakes, but in the Middle Distance I made some small errors, and that makes it much more exciting to see how it will be in the World Championships in Portugal.”

“The butterflies in my stomach are getting bigger and bigger”
IMG_1109The World Championships are the peak of the competition season, and Cæcilie is starting to feel the approach of the big event: “I’m getting excited about the World Championships because I am in good shape. So the butterflies in my stomach are getting bigger and bigger”, she says. Cæcilie is prepared for some good races, and knows that Portugal is used to organising big events: “ I know that the quality will be perfect, and I think it will be even better than the European Championships last year, which means that it will be fantastic”, she states.

Refusing to set goals that are too ambitious, the young Danish just wants to do better than last year, where she was 25th in the Middle, 32nd in the Sprint and 35th in the Long. In addition she was 5th in the Relay. “I hate to be disappointed, so this year I have been quite realistic about my goals, hoping for top-20 placings”, says Cæcilie. But she does have a dream, and it’s a big one: “My biggest dream is to win the World MTB Orienteering Championships in one of the distances.”

Text and photo: Joaquim Margarido

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