A fresh start for the IOF Office – Organisation changes announced

Posted on | May 13, 2015 | Category: News

The IOF Strategic Plan for the period 2012 – 2018 was adopted at the General Assembly  in 2012. One of the 5 five focus areas in the plan is Strong Management and Funding. Some of the Actions mentioned in the plan, and included in the Activity Plan for the 2014-2016 operating period, are strengthening of the capacity and capability of the organisation, increasing the professional resources in the areas of marketing and promotion to gain more external funding, strengthening IT support and strengthening the support for development activities.

Some activities  have been implemented such as the creation of the Regional and Youth Development Commission (RYDC) adding volunteer resources dedicated to development, and introduction of several new IT tools for events management, visibility and World Rankings management.

In January 2015 the IOF Council tasked the new Secretary General and CEO, Tom Hollowell, to do a review of the IOF Office organisation. This review was presented and discussed in connection with the IOF Council meeting April 10-11. Some of the key issues to be addressed are:

  • Effective use of the financial resources which are available to the IOF today. In other words, how can the current staff budget be used most effectively.
  • Strengthening of the professional resources related to marketing and promotions and strengthening sponsorship sales capacity and capability.
  • As part of this strengthen external communications activity.
  • Strengthening the communication and cooperation between the Council, IOF office, Discipline and Support Commissions to increase and improve internal communications via IOF channels.
  • Look closely at specific areas of activity which can be outsourced to service providers to improve organisational efficiency.
  • Strengthen professional resources in the area of global development.

Based upon this review, a number of organisational changes will now be implemented:

  • To obtain a more effective cost structure, the IOF Office in Helsinki will be closed. The Office will move to Karlstad, Sweden and include 2 administrative positions.
  • The position of Assistant Secretary General will be discontinued.
  • The position of Sports Director as previously held by Björn Persson has been vacant since his leaving the IOF in December. This position will be discontinued i.e. will not be re-filled.
  • The portion of the Sports Director position which dealt with WOC Event Advising will continue on a contract basis as today.
  • Two new positions for Marketing Managers will be recruited. These will initially be part-time and will focus on promoting orienteering to create external funding opportunities and develop our disciplines among IOF member federations.
  • The position of Sports Director for Ski orienteering, which has been in an open recruiting process, will not go ahead. But the applicants will be asked if they would instead want to be considered as candidates for a Marketing Manager position.
  • A new part-time position, Global Development Officer, will be recruited. The focus of this position will be coordinating regional and youth development activities in support of the RYDC.
  • Anti-doping management, currently under the responsibility of the Assistant Secretary General, will be outsourced and managed on a part-time contract basis.
  • Financial data entry and accounting, currently done by the Secretary General, will be outsourced to an external service provider.
  • IT support, which needs to be strengthened, will be outsourced and managed on a part-time contract basis.

The current IOF Office employees in Helsinki have unfortunately decided not to continue in the organisation. They will be working from Helsinki until the beginning to mid July 2015.

Job descriptions for the various positions are found below. Applications may be sent to CEO Tom Hollowell tom.hollowell@orienteering.org Applications received by Friday May 29, 2015 will be considered first.

Individuals may also tender to work on a contract basis in the areas IT support, Anti-Doping management and Financial accounting support. Descriptions of these tasks can be found below.


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