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From Bottom to Top

Mari Fasting spent some hours on the beach after the middle distance, although that wasn’t much appreciated by the team leaders. But because of the visit to the beach, she became the World Champion.

“I was at the beach for a long while, maybe about four hours. I don’t think that was what the leaders recommended, but it was good for me”, smiles Mari.

The start of the Championships wasn’t that good for the Norwegian. She only just qualified for the middle final. In the final she ended as number 51. After that she went to the beach with her team -mate Betty Ann Bjerkreim Nilsen, who also didn’t succeed on the middle distance. They both talked and did things other than orienteering.

In the long distance the Norwegian won with a really fast run in the last section of the course. With about two kilometres left she was more than one minute after her team mate Elise Egseth, but Mari then ran a perfect race. All the other best made mistakes at the end, in tricky orienteering terrain just like the course as a whole.

– “I started early, and that was maybe an advantage. I heard that a lot of runners felt very tired at the end. For me it wasn’t any problem to run at the end”, she says.

The 20-year-old Norwegian is from Moss, 60 kilometres south of Oslo. For one year she has been studying in Trondheim, where a lot of the good Norwegians in orienteering are studying and living.

17 seconds slower than Mari, Elise Egseth took the silver. The bronze went to Paula Iso-Markku from Finland. The Finn was about two minutes after the two Norwegians. Paula started early like Mari on this very hot day – it was more than 30 plus in the shadow. The long distance became a big challenge both for head and heart.

“I had that good feeling”

Olav Lundanes felt it was easy to run uphill, and he had that good feeling during the race. “It’s my best race ever”, says Olav.

Olav won his first medal at a JWOC with an incredible margin of 4.37 minutes. In the middle distance he was just four seconds from bronze. Olav is still only 17 years old; he will be 18 in November. He has been a big talent for some years and the long distance was his big individual goal. He has also prepared very well for it. At home he runs in very hilly terrain and he had practised a lot. He has also studied the old map from the terrain for the long distance. “I took the map with me on 20 long training runs”, he says.

– “How is it possible to run such a race?”

– “The terrain was very good for me. Then I had learnt a lot of what other people had said about how to do things”, he says. Olav is learning from his mistakes. He doesn’t have to make a mistake more than once, says Per Olav Gulbrandsen, the Norwegian trainer.

In some ways Olav is unusual for a good orienteer in Norway. He lives in a district where there is very little orienteering, but he is from a keen orienteering family who have taken him to a lot of competitions, so he has gained a lot of experience in how to orienteer in different types of terrain.

In this race he made small mistakes at the first two controls. After that everything went perfectly.
– “I had a terrific feeling”, he says. He had no problems with the heat. In fact he felt it was easy to run uphill. – “The evening before the race I drank 1.5 litres of water just before I went to bed. I had heard from the Norwegian leader Jørn Sundby that Odin Tellesbø (also from Norway) did that the evening before he became a junior world champion some years ago”, says Olav.

The Swiss Andreas Rüedlinger took silver while Philippe Adamski (France) got the bronze.

A Frenchman the only runner with two medals

Only Philippe Adamski from France has got two medals so far at JWOC. He got silver at middle and bronze at long.

– “The middle race was better than the long. I made more mistakes on the long”, he says. He likes the classic distance best and is in a strong training environment in St. Etienne. There he is a part of Pole France and also training with Thierry Guoergiou.

– “I train a lot, also with Thierry. I am running for Kalevan Rasti and have also got help there”, he says. Kalevan Rasti is also Thierry’s club.

Philippe is in his last year as a junior.

Surprisingly good French girls!

It’s not only Philippe Adamski of the French athletes who impresses. Also the girls, even if they weren´t so good in the long distance. So far they have been best at the middle distance; even the French leaders are quite surprised by their good results at that distance!

In the middle distance two of the girls were among the 12 best. In the long distance, the best was 32nd among the 125 girls. In the qualification for the middle, five of the girls were among the six best in their heats. It’s impressive that so many French girls have done so well.

– “I am a bit surprised myself”, smiles the French head coach Olivier Coupat, a former elite runner who had to stop because of injury. – “The reason for the good results is hard work and better chances for success. Since last autumn, junior girls can take part in Pole France”, says Olivier.

Pole France is a national training centre in St. Etienne for the best orienteers. “75 per cent of the French junior team in JWOC are in Pole France”, says Olivier. In St. Etienne there are both juniors and seniors. So the juniors are very often training together with the big French star Thierry Gueorgiou. “Most of them are training with him every day of every week”, smiles Olivier.

The good results are also because of good preparations for JWOC, and because the juniors are getting more and more experienced. “We have a good group of athletes of the same age and they have gained good experience from taking part in the European Youth Championships, European Junior Cup and also in Junior World Championships before”, he says.

During his junior years Thierry won two medals, and neither of them were gold, so French orienteering is still missing a junior gold, but it looks like that is only a matter of time. “Most of the juniors can also take part in JWOC next year. Only one of the girls will be a senior next year”, says Olivier.

Story: Erik Borg / Clive Allen

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