Gueorgiou and Niggli’s hat trick

Posted on | February 12, 2013 | Category: Arena

Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli won again on the third day of Portugal O ‘Meeting. They’ve won all three events at the POM until now: a demonstration of the superior qualities and capabilities of the two best orienteers ever.

Counting for the world ranking, the Middle Distance races that filled the morning of the third day of Portugal O’ Meeting had two appropriate winners. Simone Niggli and Thierry Gueorgiou continued to show their class, winning the «queen-race» of POM 2013.

The course took place on the map of Cidral, a small village northeast of Idanha-a-Nova, in unique terrains in Portugal for this sport, mixing the high technicality with enormous physical demand, which makes this map a wealth of challenges, especially when one considers the competition at the highest level. Adding an Arena in a fantastic place and an event that attracted more than 1500 participants made the day memorable.

«I had to fight from the beginning to end»

Continuing his excellent races at the POM 2013, Thierry Gueorgiou won the competition in the time of 35:21, leaving behind the Swiss Matthias Kyburz and Russian Dmitriy Tsvetkov, with 1:41 and 1:54, respectively. The French said “it’s very unusual to see a terrain with so much slope, which makes me think at Aichi, in 2005, during the World Championships. It was really hard physically and I had to fight from the beggining to the end. What interested me most were some technical details in the map; very challenging. I made some little mistakes at the two last controls, and lost 30 seconds, but I’m very happy and waiting now for the Sprint at Monsanto, that I’m sure will be special.”

Matthias Kyburz was also satisfied at the end: “I was quite good in the beginning, quite fast, but I made a small mistake on the second control: I misinterpreted the map and lost maybe one minute. I always try to challenge Thierry but a mistake like that was too much and I’m very happy with the second position. Therefore, it’s a good start for the season and a result like this, in such a technical terrain, is very good.”

«I’ll be at the starting line tomorrow»

In the women’s class, Simone Niggli continues to be unbeatable and she was again the winner with a time of 35:12. The second position, also expected, went to Swedish Annika Billstam, who was 1:32 slower than Niggli, while in third place was the “little-big” Danish Ida Bobach, registering 2:34 more than the winner. In the end, Simone Niggli did not hide her satisfaction about the victory: “I’m very happy with this victory. Before the start I felt quite tired in the legs because of the two competitions, but I told myself to just concentrate on the map and I managed it quite well. I made some small mistakes in the beginning on the second and third controls, but then I came in the orienteering flow in this challenging terrain. It was very nice because of the tricky stones and physically it was tough, which is obvious. I can’t say that I expected this kind of terrain, exactly, but I expected something special as usual at the Portugal O’ Meeting. I think I’ve got a quite big lead now and so I’ll be at the starting line tomorrow.”

Another athlete heard in the aftermath of this third stage of the Portugal O ‘Meeting was Annika Billstam, who said: «My aim is always to do very good technical races. I made some mistakes today but I’m happy with the result. It was a very good map and the course was very well set: you had to fight hard all the way. I’m really happy with this POM overall and to be here in Portugal. It’s particularly good this time of the year, with such good terrains and races.»

Thierry and Simone will start well ahead anyone else

Tuesday is the decisive day for this year’s POM. It is time for the chasing start. In Men Super-Elite, when the clock marks 10:30 am, Thierry Gueorgiou will start with the comfortable margin of 6:32 before Albin Ridefelt, while the French Philippe Adamski and Frédéric Tranchand will start at the same time, 8:46 after  Thierry Gueorgiou. The Women Elite race will start at 09:00 am, with Simone Niggli 8:28 and 10:48 before Annika Billstam and Amélie Chataing, respectively.



1º Thierry Gueorgiou 35:21
2º Matthias Kyburz 37:02
3º Dmitriy Tsvetkov 37:15
4º Valentin Novikov 37:29
5º Martin Hubmann 37:30
6º Philippe Adamski 37:41
7º Albin Ridefelt 37:42
8º Jarkko Huovila 37:52
9º Olle Boström 38:24
10º Milos Nykodym 38:34



1º Simone Niggli 35:12
2º Annika Billstam 36:44
3º Ida Bobach 37:46
4º Dana Safka Brozkova 38:03
5º Amélie Chataing 38:11
6º Svetlana Mironova 38:51
7º Maja Alm 39:08
8º Natalia Vinogradova 39:42
9º Eva Jurenikova 39:46
10º Catherine Taylor 39:56


Text and photos: Joaquim Margarido


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