Double gold for Sweden in ESOC Relays

Posted on | March 5, 2016 | Category: News


Sweden ran out winners of both the women’s and men’s races in the final event of the European SkiO Championships, the Relays. Russia came second and Norway third in both races, with the result that Sweden wins the Nations World Cup with Russia second.

In the women’s race the margin at the finish was 1.18, and it was Russia’s second team that took the silver medals after their first team had mispunched on the second leg. Norway were 2.49 down on the winners. Sweden had fastest and second-fastest on the course in Magdalena Olsson and Tove Alexandersson, and third fastest was double gold medallist Mariya Kechkina, skiing for the Russian first team.

There was tight competition throughout at the head of the men’s race, and it was Erik Rost with the fastest tour of the day who brought Sweden home with a lead of 59 seconds. Norway ended 2.04 down with last-leg skier Lars Moholdt, winner of three individual golds earlier in the week, having the second-fastest leg today. Andrey Lamov, Russia was third fastest.

In the Junior championships, Finland won the women’s race and Russia the men’s with Norway second and Sweden third in both races. The finishing order in both Youth races was Russia-Finland-Switzerland.

With their double victory in Austria today, Sweden consolidated their lead to take the Nations World Cup for this season by a convincing margin, with Russia holding second place and Finland third.

Leading results


  1. Sweden (Evelina Wickbom, Magdalena Olsson, Tove Alexandersson) 1:28:04
  2. Russia (Kseniya Tretyakova, Polina Frolova, Iuliia Tarasenko) 1:29:22
  3. Norway (Marta Ulvensøn, Anna Ulvensøn, Andrine Benjaminsen) 1:30:53
  4. Finland 1:31:13
  5. Czech Republic 1:33:47
  6. Estonia 1:38:58


  1. Sweden (Markus Lundholm, Ulrik Nordberg, Erik Rost) 1:54:30
  2. Russia (Andrey Grigoriev, Eduard Khrennikov, Andrey Lamov) 1:55:29
  3. Norway (Jørgen Madslien, Øyvind Watterdal, Lars Moholdt) 1:56:34
  4. Finland 1:58:45
  5. Switzerland 2:01:37
  6. Czech Republic 2:11:12
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